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Red Balau 21x145 mm Patio Boards Smooth

Red Balau 21x145 mm Patio Boards Smooth
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Red Balau 21x145 mm Patio Boards Smooth
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FSC marked Red Balau 21x145 mm. patio boards smooth / smooth
Wood is a natural material and it can therefore not be expected that the colors are the same for all the planks supplied. The tree can swing from being dark brown / deep red to almost golden. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display the color play exactly on images or smaller samples as the planks are never the same.

Since the quality of the wood is always slightly oscillating, one must always count on approx. 5-7% extra for cutting waste if there is anywhere to cut something.

On many boards, there may be "stream marks" from the storage. These marks will disappear over time if the terrace is not treated. If the terrace is to be oiled, we recommend that the terrace be sanded lightly before treatment and any power signs disappear.

FSC marked Red Balau 21x145 mm. patio boards smooth / smooth

• Smooth on both sides
• Chamfered edges on long sides

Consumption: 6.6 meters per. m2

Dimension: 21x145 mm. The boards can vary +/- 5 mm.

Length: The boards are supplied in decreasing lengths, ie different lengths. If you have a desire for a special length, it can be entered in the comment box during the booking. If we cannot deliver the length you want, we will contact you to find another length you might use instead. If we cannot deliver the lengths you want, you are free to subsequently cancel your order. Unfortunately, we have no inventory of lengths as it changes all the time.

The planks can be mounted untreated or surface treated.
The planks must be attached to the substructure with stainless steel outdoor screws. Buy here.
The planks in the picture are sanded and oiled after installation.
Minimum purchase is 100 meters or 15 m2.

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