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Herringbone Park Allegro - African Oak Tundra

Herringbone Park Allegro - African Oak Tundra
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Herringbone Park Allegro - African Oak Tundra
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HARO herringbone series 4000 is a classic and timeless design. A good and durable parquet floor that can be sanded several times.p


Plank size: 70x490 mm.

Plank thickness: 10 mm.

Content per Package: 72 planks - 2.47 m2

Wear thickness: approx. 3.5 mm.

Surface: Permadur lacquer, the resistant lacquer. Clean easily with Clean & Green care product.

Phase / joint: Without phase. Ie The planks are close together without visible spaces, giving a uniform overall impression.

Structure: 2-layer structure with intermediate layers of sticks of solid coniferous wood for full gluing.

Installation: The floor / groove floor must be fully glued with parquet adhesive to the subfloor.

Warranty: 30 year housing guarantee.

Suitable skirting: Item no. 406933

Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

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