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Flooring Accessories

Flooring Accessories
Egalsoft Underlay
New -20 %
Egalsoft® is a self-adhesive felt pad that increases the durability and comfort of eg. carpets. Egalsoft is easy to install and does not destroy the subfloor. • Egalsoft can be used for both single and double bonding. • Egalsoft® is suitable for both contract and private use. • Egalsoft® can b..
206.21DKK 258.49DKK
Ex Tax:206.21DKK
An underlay that absorbs step sound and improves floor walking comfort. 0.95 x 15.79 m = 15 m2 / roll Thickness: 1.8 mm Material: Extruded polyethylene Price per roll.!..
Ex Tax:571.98DKK
• A thin layer of cushioning made from high quality virgin plastic. • This material is laid beneath laminated floors to provide comfort underfoot. • Provide insulation against sound and moisture • Levels imperfect floors between 2-3mm • To be used in all laminate installations • The inherent wh..
Ex Tax:99.00DKK
Dana Glue Floor & Wall Glue Express 245
New -34 %
All-round with heavy wet scrub and short open hours Product description & application: Floor & Wall Glue 245 Express, is a fast all-round water-based adhesive with a strong wet seal, completely free of organic solvents. The glue has a short open time and can be used both for wet and a..
258.49DKK 389.10DKK
Ex Tax:258.49DKK
WC Floor Soap White
New -27 %
Floor soap for ground treatment and maintenance of furniture and floors. The soap is ready-mixed and just ready for use..
144.00DKK 196.00DKK
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WC Oil Care White
New -27 %
144.00DKK 196.00DKK
Ex Tax:144.00DKK
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